There are many resources available on the internet. Use this page to find and use resources for almost everything we do!

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 are interactive resources that we can use to create meaningful content. A wiki is an example of a web 2.0 tool.
Check out some of these cool sites! - Use this site to create animated text for your own wiki or - Recordable discussion threads - upload powerpoint and documents to show online - Concept maps - screen capturing - Make your own timelines and embed them into your wikis

Search Engines

WES PortaPortal -

PortaPortal is a collection of popular bookmarks used by many teachers and students throughout the school. It's a great place to start your research or just look for something fun AND educational to do online!

- Searching the internet has become a common starting place for many research projects...Here are some good, kid-friendly search engines to get started on your research!

Google Safe Search

- This is a "kid friendly" filter for google...
Google Safe Search
Google Safe Search

Google Safe Search

Kids Search Tools - This is a great all-in-one place to start a search.
- Just enter your search under the resource you want to search.
Nettrekker - You will need the school's username and password to sign in!
Yahoo Kids - This is the new version of Yahooligans -
ASK for Kids -
Kids Click -
Factmonster -
Wikipedia - Wikipedia is a great place to START looking for information. Read carefully!


This is a great site with fun stuff to create/draw/animate!!!

Here are some good sites to go to as to learn about your study topic...
  • United Streaming - This is a great site for finding need a password to get in.
  • Enchanted Learning - If you want to find a map of your country to color in, this is a good place to look!
  • KidsConnect - Another great general resource site!
  • K12 TLC - Teaching and Learning - Student Research Center -

Language Arts Resources

Visual Thesaurus - A great site for Language Arts support!

  • ----

Interactive Websites

BBC Schools
National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives

Good Websites to Visit -

**The North Star**

Astronomy Links -
Virtual Planetarium!