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50 States and Capitals

Pennsylvania A-Z Mapping Activity

- My Activity Page -
- Here are some links to use as you work on this project!
Printable Blank Map
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Internet Public Library - This is a great site with lots of other links
NetState - Geography of Pennsylvania - Lots of good links and info
Things to Do in Pennsylvania - Includes points of interest by regions!
Wikipedia - Pennsylvania - The Wikipedia sight has lots of info and resources. Remember to try and find primary sources!

Pennsylvania Webquest

- I have loaded this webquest onto its own page for you to work on
- This is a great webquest developed by Amy Amadoro in the Bethlehem Area School District

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- Check out the project ideas
- Post your own ideas
- This can be a great place for us to share some of the interesting facts we can learn by reading TFK!

The Constitution -

This is the assignment that I have posted on Edmodo!

Shh! We're Writing the Constitution!-

external image book_shhwerewritingconstitution.jpg
external image book_shhwerewritingconstitution.jpg

- This is a page I created to go along with our reading of the book!...

I'm Just a Bill -

A great way to learn what the different branches of government do!

Constitution Webquest -

A webquest is a fun way to learn and do research online. This one will challenge you, so follow my advice for success...
    • Read Carefully - Take the time to make sure you understand what you are reading!
    • Work Cooperatively - Many webquests require group your peers to help you...and be sure to help them too!
    • Ask - questions...for help...opinions!
    • Be PATIENT - take your time and try your best!