This page is for Parents, Adults, Kids and the children inside all of us...

Below are links, videos and ideas to ponder and wander...

From a Teacher

They’re my kids, too,
You know.
We laugh,
We play,
We learn.
I look out for them.
I am proud of every single one.
Agree and disagree,
Smile or shed a tear,
Always a part of me.
They’re my kids, too,
You know.

-D Mendell, May ‘00

Did you Know? -

This is an awesome video to inspire us all...- Thanks to my anonymous supporters for passing this on!

Shift Happens

**The North Star**

- Vist author Peter Reynolds' website to read the book online and do some of his other sharing activities.
- You can look at the pictures in his STARVISIONS exhibit or make your own CONSTELLATION!

He Was Me

... - This is a great video by Peter Reynolds... Another reminder to remember our inner child!

What's a Wiki?

- Ever wonder where the term wiki comes from? It may not be what you think!

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Another Video - I found this video on Karl Fisch's blog... he's the creator of Shift Happens...

Moztie says "Hi!"
Moztie says "Hi!"

Animal School-

This link is to a video on the website: **Raising Small Souls**
- This is more of a parenting site than a teacher site, but I'm one of those too!

Diet Coke and Mentos

- This is one of those really cool experiments...and I dig the choreography on this one!
- Just as cool is the Mythbusters Episode where they scientifically figure out why this works!