Mr. M's Introduction to Book Shares

A book share is a long term project in which students read a book, write a written report and prepare a presentation to share with the class. Time will be spent both in class and at home working on this project.

Students are expected to do the following:
· Read a new (haven’t read it before!) book.
o Books should be interesting to the student and manageable (not too easy and not too hard!)
· Use the Book Share Guidelines to prepare both the written report and the classroom presentation.
· Manage their time wisely!
Parents are expected to do the following:
· Help your child by encouraging them to work methodically and not procrastinate!
· Help with minor revisions of their writing, but don’t write it for them!
· Guide your child to choose a good project.
· A good project is one that the student can complete on his/her own.
A book share consists of two parts:
Ø The written report
Ø The visual aid

The Written Report
The written report should be a 2-3 page book review. The book review gives a summary of the book as well as your opinion of what you read. Complete the Book Share form first. Completing the form will ensure that you include everything in your written report. You may type (word-process!) your summary or it may be neatly written by hand.
The Visual Aid
The visual aid part of the book share consists of the items you will bring in to introduce the book to the class. There are so many ways to share a book. Choose one on our class list or come up with your own. If you choose to invent your own way, please come and talk with me first so I can approve it.
The visual aid may require some time, but I hope it will also be the most enjoyable part. Let your creative juices flow!

Online Resources:
Students may access all forms as well as complete their book share form on line by following the book share links from my website:
Students are encouraged to create their own Book Share page on their wikis.

Book Share Form

Use this form to help you organize your Book Share. Treat this form like it is your final copy. In other words, I am looking for good, complete thoughts that demonstrate your best effort!

I. Bibliographic Information

1. Title

2. Author

3. Illustrator

4. Publisher

5. Place of Publication

6. Copyright Date

II. Genre

(type of literature)

III. Introduction

Write a draft of your introduction paragraph. A good introduction should grab the reader's attention!

IV. Characters

Make a list of the major characters in your book. For each character, describe the character’s traits and the role he/she plays in the book.

V. Plot

The plot of a story includes both the setting and the important events that occur in your story. The change of setting and the events happening along the way control the flow of a story from beginning to end.
Make a list of important events and their settings for each part of the story. Use words that will appeal to our five senses and that will give us a strong image of the setting. Remember that setting includes time and place.




VI. Connections

Connections help create a better understanding and appreciation for a book. Find connections between the book and the world around you. Connections can be made between the book and:
· your own life - similar events at other times and places
· other people or problems - happenings at school or in your neighborhood

Good connections include an explanation of how you felt about what happened.
Be sure to EXPLAIN how/why you made your connection!

VII. Read Aloud Passage

Select a passage to read aloud to the class. Write a paragraph describing the part you chose to share with the class. Set up your read-aloud by explaining what is happening in the book up to this point, why you chose this part, and why the part is important or representative of the whole book.


First line of passage:


VIII. Theme / Author's Purpose

The theme is the important message that the author wants readers to learn. Write down what you think the author’s purpose was for writing this story. Be sure to include examples/proof from the story to support your opinion.

IX. Write your Book Review!

You now have everything you need to write a book review! Your Book Review will include a SUMMARY of your book, a paragraph about the book's THEME or MESSAGE, and a paragraph about WHAT YOU LEARNED and/or liked about the book.

Be sure to refer to my GUIDELINES for more detailed directions for writing your review.

Documents, Guides and Forms

Reading Log

- Copy this log onto a new page in your wiki to keep a record of your reading.
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Book Share Guidelines-
Writing a Book Review -
Project Ideas -

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