Science -

Scientific Method -

- I like this version of the scientific method... note that it keeps going!
Flow Chart for The Scientific Method


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Solar System Project -

TASK/PROJECT - Create a POSTER that tells us about your "planet". - Your poster should have the following features -
- A COLOR Picture (drawn and colored) of your planet...big enough to see.
- Important and Interesting INFORMATION about your planet such as:
- How long for 1 Revolution around the sun (a year)? - How long is a day? - Gravity - Atmosphere?

Use the other resources below to help you find the information you need!
- Solar System "search" on BrainPOP
- Ask an Astronomer for Kids -
- NASA Solar System webpage
- Enchanted Learning -
REMINDER - Best Effort!!! Make sure your poster represents your best work!


Constellations -

- A constellation is a group of stars visible within a particular region of the night sky.
- Some were named after animals and some mythological characters.
- As the earth turns you can see different constellations.
- Some constellations were named after some scientific instruments.
- Constellations can be viewed after sunset and before sunrise.

NIGHT SKY posters

Work in pairs to learn about your assigned constellation and create a poster to share what you've learned.
- What it looks like - star shape/outline
- The story behind the constellation
- A picture of what it is supposed to be
- A paragraph telling the story
- An artistic version for your poster...

Here's a list of the most popular and easier to find constellations...
Big Dipper
Little Dipper
Canis Major

Electricity and Circuits - Here are my SMARTnotebook Slides for any 4th Grade Science teacher out there!

Science - Try to plan a "Diet Coke and Mentos" experiment...
- Our Question - "Will the experiment work with other kinds of soda?"
- Make a list of materials - bottles of soda, mentos, etc...
- Write out a PROCEDURE (the steps we should follow)
REMEMBER - We should only change 1 variable!

Diet Coke and Mentos!

- here's a link to the video we watched in Science!

Below are some videos for different subjects...

The Water Cycle

Electricity - Circuits -