Directions -
- Copy the BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION and the TABLE below into a NEW PAGE on your wiki.
- For every 1-3 chapters of your book (depending on the chapters) write a brief 2-4 sentence summary of what you read.
- Remember, your goal is to SUMMARIZE what you read in order to help you remember important parts of the story when you start writing your review.
- You will NOT copy any of your Reading Log into your book summary, but you WILL use it as a guide!
- You can add additional rows to your table if you need them.
- You can create separate reading log pages for each book that you read!
- Printable Version - You can save and print this form if that works better for you! -

Bibliographic Information

1. Title -
2. Author -
3. Illustrator (if applicable) -
4. Publisher -
5. Place of Publication -
6. Copyright Date -
Chapters / Pages Read
Write 2 - 4 sentences summarizing the chapters that you have read.
Pages 1 - 25
This is where you will write your brief summary. I EXPECT you to write in good, complete sentences. AND I EXPECT you to keep this reading log current. If I do not see you entering your reading log, I will assume you have not done your HOMEWORK!!!