We can use this page to share ideas and strategies for writing poetry.

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Guidelines for the Poetry Blog...
1. Share your poems by adding a COMMENT to the appropriate topic...
2. If you have a poem to share, that I have not posted a topic for, then click on the "Free Write" page..

Poetry Sketching

A Poetry Sketch is a great creative writing exercise. Here's how it works...
1. Use 4 random words in a poem.
2. The poem must be AT LEAST 3 complete thoughts or sentences.
3. The poem can NOT rhyme.
4. The poem must MAKE SENSE.
5. You CAN change the form of the word to suit your needs (ex - run - running - ran)
That's it! Give it a try!

Need some words?.... Try this Random Word Generator
- hint- change your categories.. choose 2 nouns, 1 verb and 1 adjective!!

Here's a great student poem... Thanks Anna!


I am a big yellow sunflower
Standing int he hot, blazing sun
I stand there and think,
What will happen next?
Will I be picked and put in a glass vase?
Will I wilt in the hot sun?
That I will never know.

- September 2009

Poems for Love That Dog

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Voicethread is a cool site where you can upload images and documents and record your comments...

One of my favorite poems...by Langston Hughes.

I play it cool
And dig all jive
That's the reason
I stay alive

My motto
As I live and learn
Is dig and be dug
In return...

- by Langston Hughes....


**Diamonte Poems**
Visit this site to use their Diamonte Poetry Tool

Here's a fun way to use Powerpoint and Poetry together! Check out

This is a presentation I gave on strategies for combining poetry and technology.


RULES for writing a POETRY SKETCH -
- You must try to use ALL 4 words in your poem.
- Your poem must have at least 3 complete thoughts (sentences)
- Your poem may NOT rhyme.
- Your poem must make sense...no silly/nonsense poems.
- You may alter the form of the words (i.e. - promise, promised, promises, etc.
This is a great activity if you (or someone else) doesn't know what to write.
  • Choose 4 words...
  • Look around you and write down 4 things that you see/hear/feel.
  • Try to include a feel/emotion and a color.
  • After you write your 4 words down at the top of the page, see if you can work them into one complete poem.
  • Poems must make sense (no nonsense poems!)
  • Poems may NOT rhyme!
  • Poems must contain AT LEAST 3 complete thoughts/ideas!