Everyday Math Resources -

This site has some good EM Resources... Check out the free section for the animated ALGORITHMS (Partial Sums, etc.)

Everyday Math Algorithms

- The South Western School District in Pennsylvania has a great website with samples of partial products, partial quotients, etc.
  • Check here if you need a reminder on how to do any of these!


- www.thatquiz.org is a sight that I just learned about... Visit our Class Home Page and sign in to take a Math Quiz!

Unit 1 - Geometry Activities -

Polygons -

This is a great site that lets you manipulate polygons and see the difference between concave and convex polygons, etc...

Geometry Concentration - http://www.quia.com/cc/65535.html or http://www.quia.com/cc/1127604.html

A 3-D math website! - The National Library of Virtual ManipulativesThe National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has all sorts of virtual geometry activities.- Follow this link and try the activity to create a 3-D shapes using the virtual geoboard...

Geometry Hangman - http://www.quia.com/hm/208318.html

Number Cruncher - http://mathsnet.net/cruncher/index.html


Math Basketball

The Rules – Use may use a regular deck of cards, Aces are 1’s and take out the Face cards!
Example: If I get a 4, 6 and 7 then I have:

Some Great Math Games!

Jefferson Lab- **Place Value Game**-
- Mystery Math -
- Speed Math (addition and subtraction) -
- Speed Math (Mult. and Division) -
- Speed Math Deluxe (Uses all four functions!) -
- Inequalities -
- www.mathmagician.com
- www.mathplayground.com