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Literature Circles -

Lit. Circles are a different way of learning in reading groups. The goal of Lit. Circles is to promote student-directed discussion about the reading. To help with this challenging, but interesting process, a series of "role-sheets" are used to help guide the students towards creating questions and comments that will promote dialogue within the group. The ultimate goals of Literatue Circles are: better comprehension, improved higher-order thinking skills, and an authentic interest in reading.

This is an "All-in-One" Role Sheet that we will be using -

external image 0-328-63595-2.JPGREADING STREET - coming soon -
- Your link to online books and resources to support our new Reading Street curriculum

HERE's a way to share some ways to make Reading Street better!

Post a sticky-note on the wall!
- Click on the "post a sticky" tab at the bottom of the screen
- When you go to the website ( ) double-click on the wall.
- Be sure add your FIRST NAME where it says ANONYMOUS!

Paragraph of the Week

- Use this discussion thread to post your weekly paragraph. Be sure to read my directions and try your best!
NOTE - This is a NEW LOCATION! We will start posting our Paragraphs on the Fourth Write blog!

Websites and Online Activities

- Check out these websites for good activities as well as information to help your reading and writing!

**** -

Grammar Bytes - Explanations of ALL grammar terms (nouns, verbs, etc.) as well as activities to help improve your grammar. - Paul Revere timeline!
Poetry Splatter
Shape Books - this is a concept mapping Inspiration...use this to make your own story web...

Book Share Guidelines -

Reading Log -

- Copy the Reading Log onto a new page in your own wiki in order to keep track of your reading.
- You can also print a copy and keep track on paper.