Creating an Online Classroom Community

Presented at the Keystones: Technology Integrators Summit
Bucknell University, July 2008


My community of learners....engaged...

Goals for this session:

- Give you strategies for using tools that you may already use (or have learned about).
- Show some new tools and strategies to help you start building an online community.

Essential Question(s) –

- Why do I want to/need to create an online presence for my classroom?
- Where do I start?

Teacher Centered Strategies

Classroom Wiki

- teacher controlled - I use wikispaces, but can be anything...

- Content Area resource pages - Static -
- **Social Studies** - links to Pennsylvania resources - Webquests and A-Z Map Activity
- **Language Arts** -
- **Bookshare Guidelines**
- Spelling Guidelines -
- **Math**- There are so many math pages, this is a great way to get kids to focus on the ones YOU like!
- Post HW - I recommend waiting to do this

- Don't overplan...keep it simple
- Commit to using it regularly

Class Blog

- Use to keep parents updated...

Student Centered Strategies

Classroom Student Wiki

- Students have editorial access
- Collaborative projects -
- Chat - CBox is an embedded chat box.
- I have it on a PRIVATE page so only my students, who are members of the wiki, can access it.

Reading Response Blog

- my is hosted privately, but can be done via edublogs.

More Project Samples -

- **Mr. Henshaw**
- Colonial PA
- Cookie Campaign

Indvidual Student Wikis -

Full control/access - (set up thru wikispaces)
- Manage content
- use to collaborate


Bubbl - online, collaborative concept mapping tool
Edublogs- free blogs for teachers
Wikispaces - Hurry and sign up for your free K-12 wiki!
PB Wiki-
C Box- embeddable chat box